Currently represented by Eran Gallery on Artsy

1992 – Group Exhibition „Kunst im Rohbau“ in Annerod near Frankfurt
1998 – 2002 annual Group Exhibition of State Academy of Fine Arts Stuttgart by Hypobank Stuttgart

2000 – 2004 Co-founder of atelier 72 in Stuttgart, Germany

2017 – 15 December to 25 Januar – 2018 Group Exhibition „Abstrakte Kunst und Malerei“ in Achtzig Gallery Berlin

2018 – 2019 Represented by Agora Gallery, 530 West 25th Street, New York, NY 10001 USA

2019 – Group Exhibition at Artexpo New York 2019 by Agora Gallery

2019 July – 2020 July Group Exhibitions at Rossocianbro Gallery Rome, Italy

This is Now„, „Disorganised Exhibition„, „Cultural Difference„, „Fusing Complementary Opposites XV AMACI„, „Going and Coming„, „Be Rossocinabro„, „IDEAS ARE FORMS OF LIFE„, „Showcase„, „ON EARTH AND ELSEWHERE„, „LIKE THIS AND LIKE THAT

2020 – 31th January – 12 February Exhibition „CONTEMPORARY LOOKS“ at Spazio SV Centro espositivo San Vidal, in Venice, Italy

2020 – 6th – 13 June – INTERNATIONAL ART ROMA at Associazione Culturale „Arte Borgo“, Borgo Vittorio, 25, 00193 Roma, Italy


2020 – Represented by Eran Art Gallery, Toronto, ON, Canada

2020 – Represented on Artsy

2021 – Represented on Artnet

Since 2021 it is represented by TRiCERA Gallery from Japan for the East Asian art market.

2021 3th- 12th November – DISCOVER IRANIAN ARTISTS TASTE – at ERGA Gallery, 6394 St Laurent Blvd, Montreal, Quebec H2S 3C4

June 20th to July 4th – A Solo Exhibition by Mehdi Oveisi on @ARTSY


September 3 to 17 September 2022, at the Museo Diocesano S. Matteo in Salerno

PLENITUDE is the emblematic title of the exhibition curated by Anna Isopo of Arte Borgo Gallery hosted at the Museo Diocesano S. Matteo in Salerno from 3 to 17 September 2022.
The grand Museum, an important treasure trove of works ranging from the Middle Ages to the twentieth century, is the setting for the works of contemporary artists that are presented in one of the prestigious rooms that are part of the museum itinerary. The Diocesan Museum of S. Matteo in Salerno is undoubtedly the most important container of works of art in the city of Salerno and its province, its artistic heritage includes ivories, paintings on canvas and wood, goldsmith works and some archaeological finds.
Plenitude was born as a purpose to place within an important and evocative space, works in which the different expressive languages reveal the fullness of each individual research as the essence of the author’s strength. Plenitude intends not only to enhance the expressive character of the artist, explored between shapes and colors, but is preparing to evoke meanings related to the individual experience narrated not only from an aesthetic point of view but by unhinging emotions that involve the observer. Art therefore as Plenitude of creative energy, Plenitude of emotional intensity. Plenitude that helps to generate future scenarios. Info:
A cura di Anna Isopo 
Presentazione a cura di Martina Scavone